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Fifty-eight obese men and women were analyzed for twelve weeks with cardiovascular exercise in a weight loss Australian study. Each person in the study burnt 500 calories per session five times a week. Seven pounds were lost below the anticipated weight loss. Even though they had been working out for close to 60 hours. Twenty-six of the 58 total participants only saw a reduction in weight of 2 pounds in the 12-week period.

Conclusion: we need to reduce the overemphasis of cardiovascular exercise on weight loss.

Do not get me wrong. I am not trashing cardiovascular exercise. Everyone knows that cardiovascular exercises improve your health. It helps reduces stress, improves stamina, lowers blood cholesterol and blood pressure and more. Combined with a sensible, balanced diet, you’ll get even better results. However, researchers concluded, that (quote) From a public health perspective, cardiovascular exercise should be encouraged and the emphasis on weight loss reduced.(unquote)

Cardio is not the best weight loss component and should not be emphasized by magazines, health clubs, or personal trainers as the magic wand to weight loss. Do not fall into the trap that cardiovascular exercise solves all weight loss efforts. Sadly, if you believe in the calorie burning counters that appear on many machines today, you are falling victim to one of the biggest frauds in weight loss.

You must not kid yourself into thinking that you can erase the effects of overeating by doing extra cardio exercise. A more reasonable option would be not to eat the second 450 calorie serving of pasta and place your attention on increasing your metabolism with weight training. Instead of stressing your body with monotonous cardio exercises, do away with them. Say NO to cardio.

Once you grasp and believe how hard it is to lose fat through cardiovascular exercise alone, then you’ll find the process to be quite simple. What you need to do is to plan your meals in advance, prepare for your strength training workouts so that you don’t just hang around not knowing what to do next at the gym, set up social support or a buddy system, and recognize solutions for all of the obstacles in your life.

Let’s look at another study that shows the power of the diet. In this study, overweight women and men were placed on a 12-week low-calorie diet. They ended up losing over 36 pounds and 18 times more than the amount of weight lost by some of the participants in the cardiovascular study mentioned above. That just shows you that diet is superior to cardiovascular exercise for weight loss. However, there was a second part to the study worth noting.

The participants were split into two groups. For 12 months, one group of subjects went on a high-protein diet while the other group went on a high-carbohydrate diet At the end of the 12-month study, both groups on average gained back 4 pounds! Here’s my point: both groups accumulated the same amount of weight. Both diets helped people maintain a large portion of their original weight loss. But only 47% of the 180 subjects who began the study completed both phases. And that’s a lot of dropouts!

Conclusion: dieting is not the challenge, it’s getting people to stick with it that is hard. That’s where planning, finding the right diet that works for you and social support, come into play.

People do not diet because they are told it does not work. The problem actually lies not in the diets but rather in the dieters. You will still have to work hard and stay with it to lose weight even if you are eating properly.

Combine this with short well balanced workouts (combination weight training exercises, cardiovascular exercises and stretching). Avoid monotonous, dull, continuous cardiovascular exercises. Only then will the results that you deserve be a reality.

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