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The Full Body Workout is the Best

The best ab workout is not about the abs. The media always bombards us, that in order to have ripped abs, we need to do endless crunches or use a machine that will target the abs. In fact, the best ab workout is doing overall body exercises that focus on increasing our metabolism, through resistance training, interval training, watching our diet and reducing our stress levels.

On the spot reduction does not work. Doing ab exercises will help strengthen our abs and help our hips and back get stronger. To get ripped abs, we must do a full body workout to burn fat. When the overall body is able to burn fat, the abs underneath the stomach fat will become visible and give you the ripped abs.

Resistance training has been effective in increasing the body’s metabolism as well as sculpt and define the body. The increased lean body mass that results from resistance training demands more energy to function. When this occurs, the body must find other sources of energy, it utilizes the excess stomach fat as a fuel source and converts that into energy.

Training with intervals also helps the body increase its metabolism. By adapting to the high intensity sets of the activity, the body must increase its metabolic activity. The increased metabolic activity causes the body to seek out and convert excess fat from the body into a consumable fuel. The increased metabolic activity has been shown to continue its fat burning well after the exercise session has ended.

Watching our diet is another effective way to help our metabolism. By eating quality food made of lean protein and complex carbohydrates, we can effectively provide our body with the calories to fuel our physical activity. Avoiding sugar, sodas and fatty foods will help us control our caloric intake and keep from taking in too many calories. When we take in too many calories, our body will convert the excess calories into fat.

Increasing the number of meals we consume throughout the day to 5-6 meals and making the meals smaller portioned, will help us maintain our energy level as well keep our blood sugar level stable.

Decreasing the stress in our lives is an effective way to prevent further fat storage in our belly area. When we experience stress, our body releases Cortisol, a hormone that causes fat to be stored in the abdominal area. This fat is stored there to be used during a time of emergency.

By training several body parts at once, we are better able to achieve results in our abs. Making changes in how we train using resistance and interval training exercises, controlling what we eat and decreasing our stress levels will get us the fastest and best results for a flat toned stomach.

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