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7 Things That People Misjudge About Low Carb Diet

There are a lot of misconceptions about low-carb diets. Almost every "anti-low carb" information or news report says the same thing: reduced-carb diets don't have enough fruits and vegetables, and even often draw an image of people eating unhealthy diet.

The reality, low-carb diets concentrate on healthy food, nutritious, and research into reducing carbs continues to show more and more positive results.

Here are the misconceptions and the truths about low-carb diets to set your own mind at easiness and help you inform others.

1. Consuming Low Carb = Courting Heart Disease

In study after study, cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, and other indications for heart disease risk decline on low-carb diets. Also, in one large long term study, even low-carb diets with a lot of animal protein and fat did not raise the risk of heart disease.

2. Eating Fruits and Vegetables not Allowed on Low-Carb Diets

People believe that fruits and vegetables are not allowed because they are mainly carbohydrate.

Actually, people who take a low carb diet almost all the time eat more fruits and vegetables than usual. Instead, non-starchy vegetables are actually comes at the bottom of the low carb pyramids.

3. Low-Carb Diets will Cause Kidneys Disease

The reason is that since people with kidney disease are typically encouraged to consume low protein diets, a diet that is higher in protein will raise kidney disease.

In fact, a low-carb diet is frequently not higher in protein than the latest suggested levels.

4. Low Carb means No Carb

Many people thought that a low carb diet must be extremely low in carbohydrates.

Not even a single expert endorses this. The fact, you should have at least 45% - 65% carbohydrate depending upon individual.

5. Dr Atkins Died of His Own Diet

Despite improperly obtained medical reports mis-reported by the vegetarian group "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine", Dr Atkins died from head injuries resulting from a fall. He was not fat when he died

6. Low-Carb Diets Have Insufficient Fiber

The reason is, because fiber is carbohydrate, a low-carb diet must be low in fiber.

In fact, a lot of low-carb foods are high in fiber, and on diets that encourage carb counting, fiber doesn't come into the calculation. Fiber remains undigested, so it is encouraged on low-carb diets.

7. Low-Carb Diets will "Leach" All The Calcium from Your Bones

The reasoning goes that low-carb diets are always high in protein. People on higher protein diets are likely to have more calcium in their urine. But this turns out to be a red herring. This has been proven NOT to be true. In fact, it turns out that protein, rather than cause bone loss, actually protects our bones.

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