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Do You Know Exercise Promotes Better Quality Sleep For You?

Sleep experts say exercise is powerful because it has the effects similar to sleeping pills, but minus all the pills' ugly side effects!

If you have trouble sleeping, you should consider exercise as an option as it could help to relieve your sleep problem and you have better quality sleep, night after night.

I would say exercise is your best pal indeed when comes to giving you a deep, sound sleep. For some, exercise alone is enough to relieve them of their sleep problems.

Studies have shown that those who have sleep problems will encounter lesser episodes of sleeplessness once they embark on an exercise program.

Exercise not only helps you fall asleep and stay asleep easier but also increases the length of time you sleep in the deepest stage of sleep i.e. the stage 4 REM sleep.

Does this prompt you to exercise to see its effect working powerfully to ease you into a deep slumber at night?

Why don't you try out and see, if you're not convinced enough that exercise is one powerful natural sleep aid ?

Come on, you don't have to do hard cardios like running or jogging 10 KM or a hard jumping for 1 hour or vigorous swimming for 2 hours.

Just try walking for 20-30 minutes a day.

Then see how you sleep at night.

You'd be amazed at the type of better quality sleep you have, courtesy of the sweet, sweet result of exercise!

How Does Exercise Promote Better, Deeper Sleep For You?

Now I'm sure you're curious to know how does exercise work to promote better sleep for you?

Exercise works in 3 wonderful ways to give you a good sleep:

1. Increases your metabolism and creates muscle fatigue, both are cues to your mind that you need to sleep

2. Raises your body temperature and maxes out at higher level in the course of your day. Similarly, your body temperature drops more easily and deeper as you near bedtime, allowing you to sleep deeply, with no interruption

3. Prevents your body temperature rhythm from "plateauing" and lets you sleep deeply even if you don't exercise some days

From my own personal experience, the best time to exercise is in the morning as you allow your body sufficient time for a temperature rise during the day and a temperature drop as you near bedtime.

However, it is best not to exercise 2 hours before bedtime as your body temperature will probably still be rising when you go to bed plus exercise is stimulating to your body as it takes a while for your muscles and circulation system to calm down after an exercise workout, causing you difficulty to fall asleep or to sleep deeply.

I exercise regularly 3-4 times per week.

I can tell you the effect exercise has on my sleep.

The minute I hit my pillow, I am out as fast as the light! Actually, I could not even remember hitting the pillow. And I sleep a deep, sound sleep of baby, with no interruption in between.

I wake up fresh and alert and full of energy, ready to battle on!

As a result of exercise and the type of sound sleep I have at night, I will not feel sleepy during the day.

Contrast this to my "pre-exercise" days - when I don't exercise at all......

Argh!.....I would be tossing and turning, tossing and turning......

Counting sheep.....Feeling panicky.... because the hours were slipping away and I would still be wide awake.....

Oh! Oh! Oh! The frustration, the agony, and the next day's sick tiredness which I had to endure as a result of not enough sleep!

Thank goodness exercise relieved me from this dilemma.

Do You Want Deeper, Sounder Sleep?


Exercise outdoor or in a place where you are exposed to sunlight. The light exposure will have sleep-promoting and anti-depressant effects on you.

You will sleep even more soundly and deeply at night.

What Type of Exercise Promotes Sleep?

Cardio exercises like jogging, running, cycling and walking are your best shots at exercise to promote a better sleep.

These exercises pump more oxygen into your blood and are vigorous enough to produce muscle fatigue to let your body take the cue that you need to sleep.

A 15 to 20 minute-workout a day for 4 days a week is sufficient for you to feel the benefits. If you can, work up to a sweat as it is good for your body and benefits your sleep too.

Exercise Can Be the Best Solution to Your Sleep Problem

Hey! Don't stop exercising if you have not sampled the benefits of deep, sound sleep initially. You may take up to 3 months regularly exercising before you can enjoy the improved deep, sound sleep.

Treat exercise as part of your life style.

If you have sleep problem, exercise could be the best problem solver for it.

Who knows, you may just need to exercise regularly and your sleep problem is neatly taken care of!

And you become healthier, more energized and believe me, you will get the type of powerful, natural sleep exercise give you.

Cecelia Yap

A seasoned exerciser who walks the talk concerning exercise. My passion is exercise, fitness and eating right.

I show you what works and what doesn't.

You can find the whole spectrum about exercise at my website http://www.perfect-body-toning.com.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Cecelia_Yap

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