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A Warning About the Master Cleanse 10-Day Diet

Most people have heard about the master cleanse diet. It also goes by the name of the lemonade diet, and the people who promote it claim it delivers several benefits to those who complete the 10-day program. They say it is not only an excellent way to lose weight but perhaps more important is that it is believed to flush toxins from the body and thus has a cleansing effect.

It has been observed that, although many people, including some well-known Hollywood actresses and other celebrities, say they lost a significant amount of weight from the master cleanse, the vast majority of women and men who go onto the program never actually complete it. The number we have recently seen is that day three of the ten-day diet is when a majority quit.

The reason why so many people are not able to complete the entire ten-day cleanse is because they feel so bad. Some of the most commonly heard complaints is that they are starving hungry, they become constipated, and that they suffer serious mood swings and their spouses or family find them impossible to live with because they are so cranky.

The recipe for the lemonade diet is commonly available on the Internet. The drink that is the basis for the master cleanse is the freshly squeezed juice of organic lemons, grade B organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and filtered water. Six glasses per day is the recommended amount. Another recommendation is that the beverage is more rich in vitamins and nutrients if it is made fresh every day rather than making up one huge batch at the beginning of the cleanse.

This diet was originally called the Master Cleanser and it was published in 1976 in a book written by Stanley Burroughs. What the original author failed to mention was that, if a person going onto the diet prepares properly beforehand, his or her chances for success are greater. Furthermore, there are certain things a person can eat and drink during the cleanse that keep them from getting so hungry and constipated. Lastly, the foods a person eats immediately upon having completed the tenth day of the lemonade cleanse are also important.

Master Cleanse Secrets, a new book about the Master Cleanse diet, tells you everything you need to know about how to prepare for the cleanse and what to do after it, so that you will be successful and lose weight and or clean your insides, whatever your objective is.

Paying close attention to how you prepare before and after going on the lemonade diet, is truly your recipe for success.

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