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Going Green With Your Diet to Lose Weight

When going green there is a lot of areas that you can consider to make changes that will be healthier for you and will be good for the planet as well. Going green by recycling, conserving water and energy are the first things that come to mind when one decides to make living green part of their lifestyle. But there is a side effect to going green that may be of interest to a lot of people, and that is the fact that eliminating the “junk” that is in our foods can actually help you lose weight.

Over the past decades, the food we eat has undergone tremendous changes in both the way it is grown, and how it is sold to us. We now have a dazzling array of food to choose from at our mega grocery stores. The convenience of these foods has not come without a price. Growers of these products have put chemicals in the soil and on the plants to help them grow bigger and faster. They spray them with toxic chemicals to keep them free of insect invasion and they spray them with more chemicals to help them last longer so they can travel great distances to our local stores.

Even the live animals that are raised to supply us with meats and poultry are pumped full of hormones, antibiotics and who knows what else, to make them bigger and fatter.

So how does this all relate to losing weight? Eliminating the foods that contain all these toxic chemicals can have the beneficial side effect of weight loss. Going organic is the way to eliminate these toxins and is the healthiest decision you can make for yourself and for your family.

Eating fresh vegetables that are labeled USDA Organic is the first place you should start. If the packaging says it is “USDA Organic” you can be assured it is 100% organic and contains no pesticides, fertilizers or other toxins. Stay away from products that say they are “natural” or physician approved or other ad marketing terms, they mean nothing.

Substituting fresh organic, preferably locally grown fruits and vegetables for the products that come from exotic places is a great way to start. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet and eliminating the pre-packaged “junk” food that you consume will naturally result in weight loss.

Eliminate meats from your diet, or if you do eat meats, make it organic meats. As was mentioned, cattle and poultry are injected with hormones and antibiotics to keep them healthy and force them to grow bigger and faster. Those chemicals remain in the meat and poultry when it arrives at our table. If they helped to make the animal fatter, is it not obvious that it is making you fatter too?

Unfortunately the term “going organic” has the same stigma that the term “tree hugger” has, but if you truly are interested in a healthier lifestyle which includes a healthy weight, going organic is one choice you should make for yourself.

One negative thing about buying organic foods is the fact that it is more expensive. But the long term costs of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other health issues are far greater than the increase in price of the food you purchase. As more people are recognizing the benefits of organic foods, grocery stores are stocking more and more products at competitive prices from which we can choose.

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