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Cleaning Up Your Diet - A Few Tips that Will Help

When you decide to change your diet there are a few things to consider before you begin.

Observe your body and your mind

What are you feeling physically? You know your body better than anyone else. What is going on with it right now? Is your current diet fueling you? Is it giving you energy throughout your day? Or are you feeding yourself poorly and expecting your body to pull you through anyway?

And how are you doing mentally? Are you feeling like you can conquer the world? Or are you suffering mild depression or lack of excitement about your life?

Before you make a change in your diet, take stock of where you are now, jot down your current state of mind and health so you know your starting point. Then write down what you would like to be feeling both mentally and physically.

How do you want your body to look? How do you want your body to feel? Do you want to wake up more excited about each new day? What do you want to have accomplished in the next 30 days? Three months? Six months? A year from now? Write out what it would feel like to reach the goals that you are working toward.

Avoid a binge the day or night (or week!) before you change your diet.

You set your body up for disaster by overeating junk foods before starting a new healthier diet. Unfortunately this is probably one of the most common moves that many people make. If you have ever gone on a diet or know someone who has, you have probably heard or experienced the "last supper" where huge amounts of food are binged on (and not usually even enjoyed) in an effort to eat as many forbidden foods as possible before they are taken off the menu.

Drink a lot

Not alcohol, silly, water! Hydrate your body with lots of water continuously. This is good advice for every day of your life, not just when you're making a change in your diet. You can never hurt yourself by getting a lot of water each day. Keep a glass of water near you at all times and sip it throughout your day.

Avoid eating late at night

You may not know this, but sumo wrestlers use the method of eating a lot of calories and then going right to sleep (either napping or sleeping at night) as a technique for putting the pounds on fast. So don't do what sumo wrestlers do. Don't eat late at night and then go to sleep. If you eat a lot of calories late at night you won't have time to burn off the calories you have eaten before you go to sleep and as an added bummer you will wake up in the morning feeling groggy, not rested, because your digestive system has had to work hard all night to deal with all the food you munched on the night before.

These are just a few health tips to consider when making a change in your diet. It is good to move toward a healthier diet -- just keep these tips in mind for a smoother transition and better results.

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